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Nifty SoCal

A collection of events & locations in Southern California

The spectacularly nifty
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Talk of festivals, meetings, museums, restaurants, and all things wonderous in Southern California.
I'm surprised you stumbled across this humble, little community, especially since I don't advertise it myself. Congratulations are in order, I suppose.

This is where anyone can post all sorts of random happenings, events, shows, gigs, openings, performances, book signings, lectures, forums, festivals, museum exhibits, movie screenings, ANYTHING that goes down in this gumbo pot that is Southern California. The cheaper the event, the better, but a fair admission price is welcome.

Also don't be afraid to post hole-in-the-wall eateries you just discovered that serve divine greasy food (that's well worth the triple bypass), obscure book stores that would give any obsessive reader a wet dream or three, or your occasional top 10 landmarks that appear in movies. It's ALL welcome.

The Ground Rules:
I'm not much of a stickler for many things. Use common sense.

Pictures are a-OK, but keep the width reasonable as it does get a bit irritating when you have to scroll sideways. Under 600 or so.

Also, for quick referencing, I've started a tagging system for Nifty SoCal's posts. Please utilize it should you put something up in the community.

Thank you. ^_^